About On Ice Instruction

Hockey Masters coaches are available on a consultant basis to assist with team training on ice. Whether you are looking for expert coaching on skating, stickhandling or shooting, identifying lines or working on team strategy, we can help. Hockey Masters has worked with Southeast Michigan youth teams of all ages as well as adult tournament teams. The rates below generally include any travel expenses such as gas/mileage within the immediate Ann Arbor area but for greater distances hotel, gas or airfare must be arranged separately. Contact Carrie or Dave to schedule team training:

Carrie Keil (keilsk8@aol.com, 734-323-3193)

Dave Debol (daviddebol@aol.com, 734-645-8822)


*Please note that discounts may apply if weekly or bi-monthly scheduling is arranged.

Coach(es) Standard Coaching Fees (per hour)
Carrie Keil & Dave Debol $250
Carrie Keil $150
Dave Debol $150
Carrie Keil or Dave Debol + one staff person $200
Carrie Keil or Dave Debol + two staff people $250
Two staff people $150
One staff person $75