This is a picture of Drew Brown’s NCAA Varsity Hockey Championship ring that he won last year as a Providence College D1 hockey player. It is a very coveted championship, one that is very difficult to win, and much goes into such an accomplishment. In Drew’s case, it is even more special. As many people know, Drew was diagnosed with a rare pediatric form of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma at the end of his Junior year. He began an aggressive chemo program right away in April 2014, culminating in surgical removal of 7 inches of his femur in August, and then 6 more months of chemo. By 2015 he was officially cancer free!! His Providence College team went on to win the championship in 2015, Drew was there to witness it all, enjoy the special moment with his teammates, and proudly represent the kind of person that can take adversity head on and WIN!

FYI, Drew participated in Hockey Masters from age 15-20, including on-ice lessons, the skating treadmill, and workouts with both Darryl Nelson and Brian Sipotz. Drew played his freshman and sophomore high school years for Chelsea High School, then completed his Junior and Senior years at Kent Preparatory School in Kent, Connecticut. He was then recruited by Nate Lehman (current head coach for Providence College) and was awarded a 4-year full ride scholarship. Drew was also an instructor for 2 years at Hockey University. He has decided to return to Providence College to finish his Senior Year, and he has taken on the position of Grad Asst. Coach for the hockey team.

For the words “Role-model” in the dictionary, Drew Brown’s picture should be next to them! Nice going Drew, congrats, and good luck with everything!!!!