Hello from Hockey Masters!

We wanted to let everyone know that Hockey Masters has officially closed it’s business as of Jan 1, 2017. Dave and I have decided to retire from on-ice coaching private lessons, and our website will soon be closed as well. (Eddie Ameel and Zach Willis will be continuing the private lessons)

We have really enjoyed the last 15 years working with so many aspiring hockey players. It has truly been a pleasure watching 1000’s of players improve their hockey and skating skills; so many of which went on to play local high school hockey, AAA hockey, Junior’s, Collegiate, and even a few NHLer’s!!! Dave and I have always considered it a privilege to have had the opportunity to spend time coaching young athletes. We will always remember the Sundays in Chelsea, the Wednesdays at Vets, and the summer lessons at the Cube. Thank you for entrusting your children’s hockey skill development to us, I can say with 100% confidence that both Dave and I enjoyed it as much as the player’s did.

Carrie will be devoting all of her time to training players on the skating treadmill. The skating treadmill business’s new name is All-N-Stride, and you will find all of your skating treadmill account information and the ability to sign up for sessions on the allnstride.com website. Carrie is also opening another skating treadmill inside the Novi Ice Arena scheduled to begin offering training sessions on April 1st. Check the allnstride.com website for updates! Carrie will also continue on as Program Director for Hockey University, and the USA NTDP Power Skating Coach.

Dave has taken on coaching a minor professional team in St. Clair Shores with his son-in-law Brandon Contratto. Dave also continues to work with local teams, and individual players on the synthetic shooting surface at Advantage Sports as well. In addition, Dave and John Winkleseth took over the skate sharpening business (now D-W’s Skate Shop) at Advantage Sports. Dave will also continue as Program Director and instructor of the Hockey Masters Adult Skills Clinics at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube.

So you will continue to see us around at Advantage and the local rinks!!!!! Thank you again for your patronage over the years, and look for Eddie Ameel and Zach Willis to pick where we left off!

~Carrie and Dave