Dylan Larkin was the winner of the Fastest Skater competition in the NHL Skill’s competition last night in Nashville. Even with a slip going around the final corner, he still beat the previous NHL record of 20 years by 0.2 seconds!!!

I had the great privilege of working with Dylan while he was at the NTDP, and I want everyone to know how hard Dylan worked. He spent 1000’s of hours in the weight room with Coach Darryl, and 1000’s of hours on the stride boards, skating treadmill, and doing specially designed skating specific exercises to promote both quickness and power. Dylan embraced all of the skating training that we did, he never once felt as though he was above learning more, and he squeezed every minute out of every day to make himself the best that he could be. If you were lucky enough to see it live last night, you saw how all of Dylan’s hard work PAID OFF! If you missed it, enjoy the video here!

– Coach Carrie